Plettro Records was born in 2012 in Rome. Luigi Di Filippo, better known as D Lewis, is the manager and the founder. This project takes a selection of sounds from all over the world. The musical horizon of Plettro is increasing but the matrix is techno. “The plettro is a musical instrument fundamental for the music and the musician. Without it wouldn’t be possible to produce most of the modern music.”

This little but indispensabile tool is able to represent the label’s perspective, that from the electronic area, keeps the door open to live music, human interpretation and electric sounds.
Plettro has a wide ranging; it comes from the experience of his creator, dj producer from several years and sound’s technician in studio. This work has always kept him in touch with professional musicians that play all different types of music but all combined by the use of the Plettro.
The releases are 18 since now, all of them with worldwide distribution; many are the artists involved: Abe Mora, D Lewis, D:Tales, Silvia Trix, Sirio Gry J, and many more in the future.